Tuesday, 7 April 2020

LIL HALIMA releases first track of 2020 'GLUE' on Island Records, following COLORS quarantine session

Kenyan-Norwegian singer, songwriter, producer, and visual artist Lil Halima releases her brand-new single titled ‘Glue’ via Island Records today. 

At only 21-years old, Lil Halima has been nominated for two Norwegian Grammy’s and the coveted Nordic Music Prize. She caught the public’s attention with a stunning COLORS session last year (invited back for their A COLOURS live stream), and released the Brown Girl Diary mixtape, which documents her romantic relationships and search for identity, through the prism of a young woman of colour growing up in rural Norway, in a village of only 4000 people. Her first 2020 release, ‘Glue’ has dream team writing credits from Lil Halima, Nathaniel Warner (Mahalia, Sinead Harnett), Anders Kjaer (Dagny, Bendik, Ary) and George Moore (Nao, Snoh Alegra, Kwabs), who has also produced the track.

“Commitment is hard, and it always get to the point where I’m scared the other person preferably would always want us to be glued together. You know, do everything together, always hang out, all of that. I’m not that type of person, I like my space even in a relationship. Still, I wanted to write about it in a way that’s not sad because it doesn’t mean you don’t care for the person, right? This song was so much fun to make, and I’ve been dancing to it for a while and am so excited that other people can too!!” Says Lil Halima.

Since her debut EP in October 2018 titled ‘love songs for bad lovers’, Lil Halima garnered big tastemaker praise, not only for her music; but Lil Halima is a creative force; heavily involved with every element of her music, from the song writing to the production and visual elements of her music videos – often directing them herself.

LIL HALIMA releases first track of 2020 'GLUE' on Island Records
Listen to “Glue” HERE
“The latest Scandipop talent to open up a can of earworms.” – i-D
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