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Visually eye-catching posters have been used to promote events for over two hundred years. Even then great care was taken to produce colourful illustrations and clean graphics. Who hasn’t been captivated by the vibrant poster art by famous French artist and printmaker, Toulouse-Lautrec. When the Moulin Rouge cabaret opened, Toulouse-Lautrec was commissioned to produce a series of posters including "Moulin Rouge - La Goulue" in 1891 and La Troupe De Mlle Eglantines (French Can-Can dancers). Graphic artists and digital high volume printers have carried on the tradition through the years whilst the pen and brush has been replaced by the computer and camera.  Photographers have been capturing the protagonists of art, fashion, film, music, sport and TV for decades and for a long time these archives were only available to a select few, nowadays fans can purchase posters, prints and memorabilia for their favourite icons.  Posters today are not just for promoting an event, they capture the famous,  a moment in time, they are art in every sense of the word and are used to adorn walls, decorative pieces for the home and work place. A look back in time to your favourite moment, your favourite movie, your favourite band or your favourite team or TV programme…..The three posters below are early photos of The Beatles. It’s 50 years since these legends changed youth culture when The Liverpool Sound & Mersey Beat took the world of music by storm. They first appeared at Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club in February 1961 and had 27 number 1’s in the UK and the USA. Their first visit to the USA in February 1964 was advertised across the country on five million posters, this was a defining moment in the Beatles’ history and paved the way for the “British Invasion”. PM Adams 11/11/2015)
Love Beatles Music check out ITV 8pm tonight The Nations Favourite Beatles No.1 or catch up here Hey Jude - The Beatles was voted the Nation's No1 - What's your favourite Beatles No1?

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